ShiftWear Sneakers

The innovative ShiftWear Sneakers ($250) bring the future of footwear closer to our times. Embedded with a customizable display, these special kicks allow you to change their look, so they can match your clothes or mood, or exhibit your favorite art work.

Thanks to their flexible E-Ink panels (similar to those found in e-readers, like Kindle), the shoes act like an open canvas, giving the user “complete creative control”. By connecting them to a smartphone (via Bluetooth, we assume), wearers can display HD-quality static images or animated graphics, available on the companion app. Built-in batteries ensure the sneakers stay “on” for 30 days, while something they call “Walk-N-Charge” technology gets the kicks juiced up with every step, plus there’s also the option to charge wirelessly, if you prefer. In therms of durability, the ShiftWear seem pretty solid, boasting Kevlar-coated soles for extra durability, and being 100% waterproof and machine washable.

If everything goes according to plan (the Indiegogo campaign already raised 2,332% of their goal!), backers should receive their sneakers by mid 2016. The ShiftWear Sneakers will be available in low, medium, or high-top styles, and in a variety color options. Details in the video

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