Nike Mag Sneakers 3
We are still waiting for a version of the hoverboard that actually works on regular pavement, but in the meantime we can get properly geared up with a pair of Nike’s Mag Sneakers ($TBA). Or at least, we can dream about them.

It’s true, the legendary kicks from Back to the Future II have been released, and just like the ones in the movie, the shoes feature glowing LEDs and power laces that tie up on their own, adapting to your feet for “on-demand comfort and support.” It would be awesome to see other Nike sneakers receive these magic laces, and, from what the company says, this might happen sooner than you think. Now for the bad news: The Mags you see here are limited edition, and will be going on auction in Spring 2016, for what we expect to be a hefty price. So, sadly, Marty McFly’s sneakers are not for regular guys like us. Maybe in the future …

Nike Mag Sneakers 1

Nike Mag Sneakers 2