It’s probably a good idea to spend some extra cash on a solid lock if you plan to invest in this bicycle, for it should be hard to keep it hidden from the bandits. Yes, VIKS’ Carbon Bike ($TBA) really stands out from the crowd.

After making serious waves with the Urban Steel Bicycle, and to celebrate their 2nd year in existence, Estonian company VIKS has unveiled this black&silver beauty, which is basically a lighter (and sleeker) edition of the flagship bike. The new speedster dumps the weight down to a ridiculous 22 lbs. thanks to the light, minimalist dual-tube chassis made of carbon fiber. The wheels are provided by Aerospoke, while the belt drive is a Gates Carbon model, and the rest of the parts are handcrafted and welded to last a lifetime. There is no word on the price yet, but we predict a fancy figure, so you’d better start saving.

VIKS Carbon Bike 5

VIKS Carbon Bike 2

VIKS Carbon Bike 4

VIKS Carbon Bike 3

VIKS Carbon Bike 6

VIKS Carbon Bike 8