In order to keep your bike secured, you’d have to use a big, heavy lock. Well, not anymore! Litelock ($120,00) is the newest bike lock in town, and it promises to revolutionize the way we keep our 2-wheelers tied up.

Designed by a former aeronautical engineer, Litelock is ‘the worlds first light, flexible & super secure bike lock’. It’s made of an innovative composite strap-dubbed Boaflexicore- which incorporates a mix of multiple materials that are both super-strong and lightweight. This results in a 2.2-lbs bike lock (way lighter than your 8-lbs U-Lock!), so strong that it can withstand sustained attacks from tools like cable cutters, bolt croppers, hacksaws, jacks and hammers. Furthermore, the lock cylinder and mechanism is protected by a hardened steel alloy housing, making it virtually indestructible.

A key is required only for unlocking, as the lock simply clicks closed without the need for one. The Litelok measures 29in, and a second unit can be joined for extra length, or used in parallel for extra security, with both Liteloks operating from the same unique key. Currently available in three water&dirt resistant colors: Reflective Boa Green, Crow Black and Herringbone.

Litelok 4

Litelok 1

Litelok 2

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Litelok 6

Litelok 3