This has to be one of the coolest toys we’ve seen in a while! The SLEADD Taurus Zip Line Kit ($740) is an all-in-one zip line solution, suitable for the wild outdoors, or just any back yard – big and small (but ideally suited for zip lines up to 260 feet in length).

Boasting one of the easiest installations on the market ( up in 30 min ), riders simply clip their harness into the trolley and fly across the river ( backyard ) using the included anodized aluminum Taurus Zip Line Trolley. The proprietary engineering in the SLEADD In-Line Tensioner ( dubbed Tri-Link ) is the key to its simplistic installation process. Suitable for both kids and adults, the Taurus can carry weights of up to 350 pounds. The kit comes complete with a trolley, rubberized handlebars, riding gear (including a carabiner, 18″ lanyard and adjustable harness), a stop block, galvanized aircraft cable, fist grips and cable clamps; not to mention the manuals, wrenches and all the necessary tools. via

SLEADD Taurus Zip Line Kit 4

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SLEADD Taurus Zip Line Kit 2

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