Homping Grill
It’s pretty obvious that charcoal grills provide better flavor than gas grills. They are also messier and require more work. Not the case with the Homping Grill ($222)- an intelligent and lightweight cooking device, perfect for on-the-go use.

Boasting a retro, yet innovative look (resembling a curling stone), this nifty grill uses a fan powered by 4 AA batteries, that increases efficiency. This feature reduces the amount of charcoal needed to cook, and nearly eliminates smoke, making the grill suitable for indoor use. The whole thing weights only 8.4 lb, holds up to 12 briquettes, and offers a 14 inch cooking surface. Homping claims that eight briquettes will provide an hour of grilling at 400° F (204° C), while a fan dial can be adjusted to increase or decrease the heat. Arriving on store shelves later this year, the Homping Grill sure looks like a clean, convenient option for cooking delicious meals, whether indoors or out. Details in the video

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