Grilled food tastes good. Period! Grilled food at a remote chill out spot, after a long hike, should taste even better. And while there are many portable grills out there to choose for your outdoor adventures, none of them are really light&compact enough to be packed in a backpack or carried by foot. The GoBQ Grill ($120.00) is set to change that.

Made of a silicone-coated fiberglass fabric (the same material used in baking and oven mats) which allows it to be folded to an unusually compact package, the GoBQ can withstand flames and high temperatures of over 1,200°F. The material is also extremely lightweight and it cools down super fast, which means you can pack it soon after the fire is out. The whole setup weights about 8 pounds, and it includes an integrated and collapsible stand, a fabric base, a chain net for the BBQ coal, and a nickel-plated metal grate that offers a 14X14 inches of cooking area. All these elements fold up nicely to fit inside the grill’s lid, that also doubles as a carrying bag. The most portable BBQ grill we’ve seen so far, the GoBQ Grill seems like the perfect companion on fishing or tailgating trips, and we’d be psyched to try it!

GoBQ Grill 1


GoBQ Grill 3

GoBQ Grill 4



GoBQ Grill 5