The BBQ Companion

Although nothing should stand between a man and his barbecue, there are times when the grill master can use some inspiration. And this is where The BBQ Companion ($23,00) will come in handy.

Comprising 180+ Barbecue Recipes from around the World, this book is a celebration of manhood’s favorite cooking method, filled with global dishes gathered by celebrity Chef Ben O’Donoghue. You’ll learn how to cook finger-licking meats like the Mexican suckling pig, Indian spice-crusted fish, Caribbean jerk chicken or the Singapore chili crab; and succulent vegetarian dishes like Artichokes with lemon, honey, thyme, and almond or Grilled Haloumi with lemon and mint. The recipes for all the rubs, marinades, breads and salads are included. And if you have some room left in your stomach, the BBQ Companion also features recommendations for drinks and desserts to accompany your meals. Now you’ve got the knowledge to become your neighborhood’s barbecue king!