Three years after coming up with their favored Tennessee Honey, the Jack Daniels Distillery is turning up the heat with another major flavored whiskey release: the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire ($25,00).

Although not technically a whiskey (it should be at least 80-proof), this Fireball challenger is crafted from Jack Daniel’s prized Old No. 7 whiskey, blended with a red hot cinnamon liqueur for an extra kick. The result is a spirit with a scent of sweet candy and Hot Tamales, with a long finish, where candied cinnamon is gently fading on the palate. A drink that “tastes like heaven, burns like hell”, the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is a 70 proof spicy blend that’s now available in all 50 US states. We’ll provide you with more details after a “thoughtful tasting.”

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire 1

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire 2

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire 3