Did you know that the average American man has 16 cards in his wallet? That’s a lot of plastic bulking up your pockets! Now here’s an alternative that may change both how you pay and what you carry in your wallet: the Swyp Smart Digital Credit Card ($49,00).

Made by Qvivr (a Silicon Valley startup), Swyp is a metallic electronic device that looks just like a credit card but can store up to 25 different credit, debit, store, gift, prepaid, or rewards cards. This digital wallet can be scanned by traditional credit card readers, featuring both an EMV chip and a magnetic stripe. Inside Swyp there’s a rechargeable battery that’ll last you 2 years, a processor, memory, a special dynamic swiper technology and Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your smartphone. Switching between your stored cards is done by clicking a button, while a built-in display shows you the card you’re using. Even better, Swyp can “learn” your patterns based on location and time in order to pull up the right card for the right situation.

The device works within 6 feet of your smartphone, though it can be used just by entering your personal PIN. As you might expect, Swyp comes with a mobile app (iOS or Android), and a dongle that’s used to load cards into the system. Will this be the one card to rule them all?

Swyp Smart Digital Credit Card 2

Swyp Smart Digital Credit Card 4

Swyp Smart Digital Credit Card 1