The 'Red Dragon' Traxedo Christmas Suit

How to look elegant and classy at the Christmas party, without bothering with neck ties, belts and cuff links? Well, you could wear a ‘Red Dragon’ Truxedo ($60,00)! Yes, you heard it right- it’s a cross between a tuxedo and a tracksuit, and it’s insanely awesome!

The brainchild of Irishman John Hughes and his buddies, the Traxedo was initially invented to be worn at bachelor parties, but it got so popular that guys around the world use it now for any occasion, from a night on the town or chilling around the house, to sky diving and playing soccer. Some people even get married wearing it! This low maintenance, painted-on tux comes in 7 different looks, to match your style and whatever event/party you might be going to: The Dutchman, Classic, Bubble, Irish, Flamingo, Red Dragon and Gentleman. While it might not be your go-to for a job interview or wedding, we recon the ‘Red Dragon’ Traxedo would be a prime look for a Christmas with family and friends.

The 'Red Dragon' Traxedo Christmas Suit 2

The 'Red Dragon' Traxedo Christmas Suit 1

The 'Red Dragon' Traxedo Christmas Suit 3

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