Is there a more iconic man gadget than the Swiss Army Knife/Tool? The answer is no, there isn’t.
One of the must have things if you are a man, the Swiss Army tool has become an icon, instantly recognised the world over, and still as functional today as ever. Even if you have never felt the outdoor dirt on your boot, you should still own one of these, and luckily, they now come in many guises.
The latest to grab our attention is the SwissArmy RangerWood 55 ($99.95), which is a part of the brands EvoWood collection by Wenger. The company says you should look at each EvoWood knife as a work of art, and we can certainly see why because rarely have we been able to say a knife or multi-tool is beautiful, but the Swiss Army RangerWood 55 is!
Each handle is ergonomically crafted from Swiss Walnut and in terms of tools and blades you will find 7 implements with 11 functions.
3.9″ Blade with Safety Lock
4.2″ Double-Cut Wood Saw
Patented Locking Screwdriver
Cap Lifter
Wire Stripper
Can Opener
Awl with Sewing Eye
Key Ring