One of the pains of fishing is having to carry so much gear around. We have witnessed many a mountain of gear when on fishing trips and we are often frustrated by the fact that fishing tools seem to be against multi-tasking. Luckily there is a new tool on the block, one that will get several jobs done and clear up some space for the finer things in life, a few beers perhaps!
The Kombo Tool ($29.99) is a four in one multi-tool that is perfect for the space saving fishermen out there. Featuring a fish bonker, scooper, filet knife, and a sharpener, the Kombo Tool is built with the finest Canadian construction and boasts a high-grade plastic body and a blade that is chef’s quality stainless steel.
Durable and tough, the Kombo Tool is an easy match for the rigors of the wild, while just in case you drop it in the water, it floats.

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