The long rumored music service from Twitter has finally landed on Apple’s mobile iOS and on computers. After months of speculation Twitter eventually dropped the service on our laps fairly swiftly, but is this app worthy of being your new music venue of choice? The answer is probably not, but it does act as a good looking companion piece to other services.

We should probably start with the looks, because they are easily the best thing about Twitter Music, and make the service among the best looking music services available. What’s more, the interface is really intuitive and makes finding music on the social network a doddle, while linking to artists you may enjoy and discovering new music is also a pleasure.

The problem with Twitter Music is that it is next to useless on its own for listening to music. Sure, it makes finding the music you like and could potentially like very easy, but this service is not a music player; in other words you can find the songs but not listen to them.,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,mens gift ideas,travel,entertainment,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,luxury, watches, architecture, beer, cool, unique, best, coolest, cool stuff to buy, buy, stuff, gift, birthday, anniversary, tech, geek, geekie, party, material, cool material, coolmaterial, uncrate for girls, uncrate, chuck norris, custom, snowboarding, skate boarding, video, videos, awesome videos, cool videos,2013,2012, Tech Gadgets For Men, Cool Gear For Guys, Best Gadgets For Men, Gear For Men, Mens Gear, Cool Guy Gear, Best Gear For Men, Cool Gadgets For Guys, Gear And Gadgets For Men, Top Gadgets For Men, Tech Gadgets For Men, Top Tech Gadgets For Men, High Tech Gadgets For Men, Car Gadgets For Men, Cool Auto Gadgets, Living Gadgets, Living Room Gadgets, Luxury Home Architecture, Architecture Gadgets, Modern Residential Architecture, Photographer Gadgets, Cool Photography Gadgets, Cool Photography Ideas, Best Travel Gear, Adventure Travel Gear, Cool Travel Gear, Cool Stuff Men, New Cool Gadgets, Cool New Gadgets, Kitchen Gadgets For Men, Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Men, Food Gadgets