When it comes to the best and safest motorcycle apparel, few do it better than Spidi. The company is world renowned as one of the premier companies for motorcycle gear and accessories and has become famous for its innovative safety first designs. Of course, cars have become safer over the years and one of the biggest leaps in road safety came in the form of the airbag. However, what about on a motorcycle, where you are open to the elements?

The Neck DPS Airbag by Spidi tackles the problem of delivering cushioned safety to bikes and succeeds with aplomb. Weighing just 480 grams, the Neck DPS Airbag by Spidi takes just 0.2 seconds to deploy and fully inflate and produces a double cushion that surrounds the neck and clavicle. Naturally, we have not tested it and hope never to have to, but this looks to be a wonderful safety addition for the biker. This adds an unprecedented level of safety not yet seen in motorcycle technology. At $599, the Neck DPS Airbag is expensive, but you simply cannot put a price on this level of safety. via