As you know by now, here at MensGear we are always scouring the World Wide Web looking for the coolest man goods, and we mean that in a strictly clean way of course. Today we stumbled upon this immense Gentleman’s Survival Kit, which as you can see is just beautiful, elegant, tasteful, and just about any other superlative you can think of. However, we have some bad news; this kit is a DIY job, so you cannot simply buy it.

Don’t weep just yet because you can just follow the design and build your own, or maybe even add some touches of your own. To build the Gentleman’s Survival Kit you will need to separately buy the following:
Etsy Vintage Briefcase (an absolute bargain at $37 with shipping).
A custom piece of Basswood for the interior although you could easily use other woods that you have hanging around the house.
Hatchet.Unfortunately the original maker of the Gentleman’s Design Kit bought the hatchet from a flea market for $5, but you could easily find something similar for your own kit.
Match Tin. Again from the flea market, but it should be easy enough to find something similar.
Kindling Tin. This was bought in the flea market and is an old Kodak film tin, easy enough to find on eBay.
Flask. Any flask could fill this space, but we suggest a vintage looking container with a nice koozie.
Whiskey. It has to be good old Jack Daniels, which you can get from, well anywhere.
Kindling.Kindling comes in many guises, but any wood based kindling would suit the rustic charm of this survival kit.
Leather Straps. If you do not have any sitting around you can buy them from any decent hardware store.