This 2012 Smart Fortwo has come a long way since its original purchase in December 2021. It has seen some upgrades to give it a safari-style makeover and look ruggedly handsome for offroad adventures. 

This original city commuter car screams mini monster truck. It still has its original 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine but the rest are modifications. These include 15-inch steel wheels, adjustable coilovers, 9-inch touchscreen monitor, 30-inch BFGoodrich Baja T/A tires, an exoskeleton roll cage, and a wide-track suspension with an 8-inch lift. 

Moreover, this Smart Fortwo vehicle has an exterior color change to green with a black interior and exterior decals. It features a front-mounted winch at  4,000lb capacity with remote operations, 3 LED light bars, cut front fenders, and lower front fascia. It has a front skid plate to prevent damage to the underside, rear fender flares which are important for those rough paths ahead, and an off-road jack and shovel mounted to the roof rack. 

Meanwhile, for emergency cases, the rear cage holds a spare tire carrier, a fire extinguisher, and an auxiliary fuel can. This a compact vehicle good for two with a length of just over eight feet. But it runs a solid 70 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque with an output carried by the rear wheels via a 5-speed automatic transmission. 

This modified Smart Fortwo car comes with cloth upholstery, air conditioning, and classic hand-crank windows. It has a mileage of 36,800 from new, an accident-free Carfax report, and dry-climate ownership history.  It is out for auction on Doug DeMuro’s Cars & Bids site with no reserve.

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Images courtesy of Cars & Bids