When somebody says pony cars and custom in one sentence, we immediately know that it’s going to be awesome. This time, we have an exceptional beauty courtesy of the Petersen Automotive Museum. To be specific, it is a 2011 Ford X ROUSH Performance Mustang making its way to the auction block this month. It will be on public display before it is sold off during the 2019 Petersen Gala, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

If you’re hoping to see the iconic racing stripes on most souped-up Mustangs, we sorry to say there’s none. However, what you will see is a stylish glossy finish on the sleek grey paintwork. Another attractive exterior element is the set of ROUSH 20-inch graphite wheels equipped with TrakPak Brake system. These look even better with the suspension upgrade kit that lowers its ride height for more stability.

Additionally, a close-up tour around the machine reveals a stainless-steel Axle-Back exhaust package. Likewise, the front and rear elements have been reworked for an even more aggressive stance. These include fog lights, a new grille design, as well as a custom splitter for the front. Meanwhile, the rear hoses a more subtle change to the diffuser.

The 2011 Ford X ROUSH Performance Mustang will be the highlight of the evening as the auction unfolds. One lucky bidder will get a chance to drive home this custom machine. Meanwhile, proceeds from the sale of the vehicle are heading to the Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation. This non-profit charity that helps educate qualified students annually.

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Images courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum