Not being rich ourselves, we can only dream about what it must be like to have piles of cash to spend on a whim. We do know that the rich like to traverse the globe, moving from one exotic location to the next, Cannes one week, Rio the next. We can only imagine the hardship of leaving your luxury villa behind and travelling first class to one of these exotic climes.
Luckily, the rich no longer need to be bogged down with the hassle any longer, as they can now take their luxury villa with them. The H2ome Yachting Villa is a stunningly futuristic looking piece of kit that is both motorboat and opulent abode. Designed by Mario Grasso, this 44-metre vessel caters to even the most demanding of tastes.
Take a look at that totally magnificent interior, fitted with finishes that even the most expensive of hotels cannot boast. The glossy exterior with teak decks throughout gives the H2ome Yachting Villa a kind of stealth look, but when on this vessel you will certainly not go unseen. Oh, and by the way, this boat cost the owner $20 million, so it is just a little out of the MensGear price range. via