Panache Customs took a 1977 Yamaha XS 360 tuned it up a great deal, and turned it into this sleek-looking road beast. The build, care of Panache’s Charles Murillon, literally found this inside a barn and began riding it as his daily driver shortly thereafter.

Unimpressed with its state, he had a lot of imaginations to customize the bike. He began unscrewing parts and soon after he was full-on tweaking anything there was to tinker with. Murillon certainly took his time. The bad boy you see above took two years to reach this current state. They even called it Falkor because it was a never-ending build. The craftsmanship is immediately palpable, and that’s because Murillon was meticulous about all the changes.

For instance, he purchased only the best parts he could find. Amazingly, he event spent a year at Diamond Atelier just to learn everything he could about bicycle customization. Sure enough, it does look like he culled some influences from the shop’s BMW R100R. To be fair, though, Murillon’s Falkor is in a league of its own.

With minimized wiring, Motogadget electronics, and dual front disc brakes, this one fits the modern rider. Add to that a master cylinder upgrade, an overall cleanup, and some custom stainless side panels and you got yourself something really sinister. Murillon’s 1977 Yamaha XS 360 is the perfect example that with enough work, you can turn a barn find into a contemporary badass. Hit the link below to check out more pictures of the bike.


Photos courtesy of Panache Customs