Munich-based custom shop Diamond Atelier has proven itself a wunderkind (get it? Because “wunderkind” is German and the shop Munich? Whatever) when it comes to decked out rides.

The workshop’s latest handiwork, the BMW R65 248 “Groot” Scrambler, comes as yet another testament to the incredible talent over there. This is no small thing, especially when you put the ride against Diamond Atelier’s excellent portfolio.

What make the Groot particularly unique is it’s the first-ever ride from the shop that’s off-road-friendly. It’s unbelievable to think that Diamond Atelier hasn’t come out with anything of the sort until now, but that’s simply the truth. We’re not complaining, of course.

Guardians of the Galaxy fans will definitely finds it name amusing, but that’s where the jokes stop. It’s all serious business afterward. The Beamer-based bike touts refurbished black-anodized forks, double brake discs with Tokico calipers, and fully-adjustable rear shocks courtesy of Wilbers.

We’re happy to report that this bike is an available series, unlike much of Diamond Atelier’s one-off experiments that are never for sale, much to the disappointment of bike heads. In other words, you can actually buy one, just like the shop’s Iron Man bikes series.

You’re looking at an impressive Mikuni TM36-31 carburetor that complements the fully rebuild BMW R65 engine, which in turn gets help from a 860ccm PowerKit courtesy of Siebenrock. All those are just fancy terms and numbers that mean the bike is super, super fast. Get it if you have $25,000 to spare, or simply gawk at its awe-striking beauty from afar.

YOURS FOR $25,000

Photos courtesy of Diamond Atelier