These days, there is a noticeable upsurge for all things retro—case in point, Nintendo recently released the NES and SNES Classic Edition game system. Meanwhile, carmakers are reviewing their older catalogs for nostalgic models and remaking them for the contemporary market.

We understand that the original items deserve to be carefully kept in pristine condition for posterity—therefore, we can rely on modern remakes to sate our desire for nostalgia. Classic Car Studio apparently knows this and gives you a chance to drive around in a fully-remanufactured 1975 M151A2 Wolverine truck. This surly 4×4 is a follow-up model to the military-issued M38 and M38A1, which saw action during the Korean War.

The company contracted Ocala Fabrication in Florida to supply the Wolverine with its modern 12-gauge steel body. Meanwhile, the unit on sale is shorter by 10 inches compared to the default ride height of the stock 151—this reduction reportedly gives it an even better handling. It comes with a pre-installed fording kit that easily defies up to 60 inches of water with no issues.

Since the truck was originally engineered minus a fixed roof (this one comes with a bikini top) and without doors—it relies on high-backed Baja seats with five-point racing harnesses and a full roll cage for safety instead. You can enjoy everything this wild ride has to offer for only $29,900

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