Jeep’s 1974 J20 Gladiator, one of the most revered off-road-ready SUVs in the market, has gotten the Roamr treatment, with the custom shop turning it into a full-fledged pickup truck, a rarity in Jeep’s line.

Yes, while Jeep’s list of pickups is pretty thin (if not entirely non-existent) they did manage to build one some years past, and that’s exactly what empowered Roamr to convert the J20 Gladiator into an overlanding pickup, and they’ve given it a name, too &mdash the “Tomahawk.”

Nothing too drastic a change under the hood, though; we’re still talking an AMC 401 V8 engine. However, the rest has been given a thorough revamp and outfitted with new accessories. Among them is the Holley Terminator EFI system, plus the Be Cool radiator and fan. While adding things in, Roamr also took a few things out. It trimmed a whopping 14 inches off the back for easier trail maneuvering.

Inside, you’re treated to a stock dashboard that’s been tuned up with some welcome upgrades. There’s the Dakota Digital VHX instrument system. Kicker Audio components. Stock chairs that were retained but recovered with black leather in a diamond pattern.

What else? Well, you’ll find Metalcloak shocks, plus new Yukon gears and lockers to the stock axles. In terms of overlanding, Roamr gave this bad boy a Leitner active cargo system and topped it off with a Freespirit Recreation rooftop tent for a bit of flair and protection. You’ll also love the Rhino-Rack over the cab, a small but certainly nice addition to what’s already a beastly J20 Gladiator.


Photos courtesy of Roamr