For anyone seeking rare and iconic sports cars, ILusso Hypercar Dealership out of Orange County, California, has just announced the availability of a classic 1973 Porsche 911 GT2 RS that is in pristine condition. There were only 200 of the 1580 Carrera RS 2.7’s made in the ‘lightweight’ construction. Using thinner steel in the body, thinner glass in the windows, and stripped down interior, dropped about 220 pounds off the touring car configuration for a curb weight of 2,375 pounds.

This classic beauty hosts the 2.7-liter competition engine and registers just 11,274 miles on the odometer. It features the Carrera badging and boasts a deep orange with black accents. Considered the ultimate Porsche in the 1970’s, the 911 GT2 RS was more responsive than the heavier touring coupe.

Despite the steep asking price, there’s no doubt this superb collectible is not going to sit on the sales floor for too long.

Buy From James Edition $1,299,000