The extremely rare 1958 Fiberfab Centurion Corvette you see here is up for auction! One of only five made, this is one of the most stunning Corvettes ever designed, boasting a silvery body fashioned after the jaw-dropping coachbuilders in Europe, and made to fit the much-beloved ‘Vette chassis. The overall design closely resembles the 1959 Corvette XP-87 Stingray racer.

Recently restored and finished in striking Inca Silver, the car has shark gill pipes on the sides of the engine bay and dual headrest fairings on the rear deck, while the wheel arches are oversized with high sills. The interior has a massive tachometer and a speedometer mounted in the very middle. Power comes from a Rochester fuel-injected 283ci 8-cylinder engine with a 1962 Corvette 4-speed manual transmission.

If you’re interested in buying this baby, know that you can also race it at one the prestigious Monterey annual event, reserved for only the most iconic race cars.

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