For classic car collectors, it occasionally pays to hold off from impulsive purchases. Most of the people we know regularly scour auction sites or even check the local ads for rare finds. Moreover, if luck prevails, then perhaps you can stumble upon a remarkable barn find. However, if you have a cool $795,000 to blow, DriverSource has a 1940 BMW 328 on offer.

No need to outbid others for the stunning old-school vehicle as the establishment will cater to whoever calls dibs first. We don’t think this roadster will stay on the market for long given the impressive condition it’s in. It’s normal for some classic cars to require some restoration work or modification after the sale.

Nevertheless, this 1940 BMW 328 appears to have been properly cared for. It’s safe to say the previous owner knows how to preserve a vintage machine. According, to the seller, this is one of six examples with an aluminum Superleggera body on a steel ladder frame. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter in-line six.

DriverSource did not specify any other details, so it’s likely this packs the standard powertrain configuration. Hence, the engine of this 1940 BMW 328 probably is mated to a four-speed manual transmission. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the vehicle’s output should be around 80 horsepower.

The exterior flaunts a metallic silver coat. Pronounced fenders form beautiful curves that give the 1940 BMW 328 a dynamic art-deco appearance. The iconic elongated kidney grilles accentuate the front in between the headlights. As for the interior, it’s simple yet stylish with black floor mats and black upholstery on the seats.

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Images courtesy of DriverSource