A legendary motorcycle is going up for auction this month at RM-Sothebys in Italy. This is the 1928 Brough Superior SS100 ($Auction) that UK’s ‘Motor Cycling’ magazine named “Moby Dick” as they touted it as “the fastest privately owned machine in the world” back in 1931. At that time, “Moby Dick” was clocked at an impressive 115 mph in its top gear.

This bike had an illustrious racing career in the following years and ultimately was tuned by then owner Ralph Bilbe until “Moby Dick” broke its own speed record by hitting 126 mph on the A30. She has passed through multiple owners over the decades until Roger Bilbe, son of former owner Ralph Bilbi, acquired the historic British-made bike in 1997 and restored it.

“Moby Dick” managed to claim £210,500 (US$333,210) when it sold in 2011, which guaranteed it a place in the Top Ten Most Valuable Motorcycles in the world, and RM-Sothebys is estimating that this iconic 2-wheeler might fetch as much as 700.000 Euros this time. If so, it will have made itself the Number One most valuable motorcycle. Auction happens on Saturday, May 27, 2017.