You must admire how designers take common stuff and turn them into amazing pieces that merit our appreciation. There are so many ways that they can express their ideas and turn them into something tangible. For example, we recently reviewed a premium Ping-Pong table that you can even use as an office desk. Now, let’s view the 11 Ravens Theseus pool table as it can easily pass off as an art installment instead of a piece of gaming equipment.

We’re not kidding, this is a high-end product that will look presentable in any luxurious home. The manufacturer is based in California and supplies various surfaces for different activities. As of now, you can order high-end tables for games such as Table Tennis, Shuffleboard, Poker, Blackjack, Mahjong, and even air Hockey. These are perfect additions to liven up your residence or as attractions in your man cave. Basically, the Theseus is just one of the many designs that you can choose from in order to customize your own pool table.

Take note that the asking price for any of these high-end products is far from budget-friendly. Given the number of options the client can choose from, you know that the cost will be astronomical. The 11 Ravens Theseus model gives you a preview of what the designers are capable of. Moreover, the striking form factor of the pool table makes it look an art fixture. Everything is made to order, so you can really take your time and create something unique. The company also furnishes a certificate of authenticity for those who want assurance that what they have is the real deal.

Images courtesy of 11 Ravens

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