You live in a place where it’s legal to distill your own alcohol for consumption, or you hold a proper license and wish to perfect your spirits? Then this 10 Gallon Whiskey Still ($640) should be on your next shopping list.

Crafted entirely by hand from gauge 20 copper, the kit includes a still bottom, condensing unit, and a classic onion top which houses the thermometer. The welding is lead-free, with brass wire welds for the body and tin-silver solder for smaller connections. Made by the Whiskey Still Company from Houston-TX, the 10 Gallon Moonshine Still promises to last a lifetime, and will produce a good 2-4 gallons of whiskey, moonshine, bourbon or other spirits you might fancy like rum, cognac, tequila and vodka. That is if you know what you’re doing, of course. via

10 Gallon Whiskey Still 1

10 Gallon Whiskey Still 2

10 Gallon Whiskey Still 3