Suck UK Laundry Punching Bag

Anyone who has ever encountered Suck UK’s enormous collection of gifts & accessories knows they have a wonderfully twisted sense of humor, a knack for turning potentially humdrum items into intriguing conversation pieces.  Here is what they have done to the laundry room…

The Suck UK Laundry Punching Bag ($35) is more than just a place to keep your dirty laundry. Once the sweaty gym socks and towels build up you can take your frustrations about chores out on the bag.  Made of durable canvas and faux leather, this 12″x12″x40″ vertical bag does look like a regular punching bag, especially when hung in your closet or workout area.  The drawstring top closes in the odor and the canvas resists picking up that funky smell from the clothes.

As novel as the Laundry Punching Bag is, one should read reviews and determine if it is for you. There are folks who have taken issue with the drawstring and carry strap during transportation to a laundromat but if you do yours at home, it may be the perfect hamper for your laundry room.