Effeffe Berlinetta

Hearkening back to the classic styling of the mid-20th Century luxury sports cars, Italian car enthusiasts Leanardo and Vittorio Frigerio have put together a team of craftsmen and designers to help them realize their dream car.  The Effeffe Berlinetta 2-door Coupe ($340K+) exhibits all the best aspects of how sports cars used to be made.

Powered by a front-mid mounted 2L Alfa Romeo four-cylinder engine matched with a five-speed manual gearbox and two Weber DCOE carburetors, this classic looking machine produces 180 hp at 6,500 rpm.  To continue the 50’s & 60’s motif, the Effeffe Berlinetta has rack and pinion steering along with a live rear axle with fixed lower trailing arms and Watts linkage.  The interior is lushly furnished with hand-crafted Matteograssi leather, a mahogany Nardi steering wheel, and aluminum pedals over a wool carpet.

Officine Fratelli Frigerio has plans to release a very limited series of this ‘Italian dream come true’ sometime in the near future.  If only we could afford it…