Avtoros Shaman 8×8 ATV

Russian manufacturer Avtoros has just created a new meaning to “all-terrain vehicle” with the release of their impressive ‘Shaman’ 8×8 ATV ($166,000).  This unstoppable monster is a full 6 meters long and 3 wide and sports twice the wheels of your average ATV as well as the ability to go amphibious and float if the water gets too high…

The Shaman is reported to be easy to drive even though you have to get used to the cockpit placing the drive seat in the center of the vehicle with passenger seats behind.  It features three drive modes; On-Road with front 4-wheel drive, Off-Road provides active rear-wheel steering, and the Crab Mode that places all eight wheels in sync.  The 146 horsepower F1C 3.0 liter Iveco turbo diesel engine is matched to a six-speed manual gearbox.  The Avtoros Shaman can pull 45 degree slopes with ease and haul up to a ton and a half of cargo.

Since production time for the Shaman is two months, Avtoros offers full customization for each unit they produce except for the industrial orange & gray paint job that stylizes this go-anywhere beastly vehicle.  Price too steep?  Here is something more affordable.  Details in the video.