The Canadian company that introduced the Rockwel Model T razor is back with a new grooming tool, another fully funded Kickstarter project, and this time I got some hands (face & head)-on time with the product.  Here’s my review of the Rockwell Chrome Series Razor ($80)…

Like most guys my age (mid 30’s), for all my adult life I’ve been using a cartridge razor, thinking a 3-bladed vibrating shaver was the best option out there.  I also thought the face burns and irritation left by these supermarket razors were happening because I had sensitive skin.  Shaving with the Rockwell 6C proved I was wrong all this time.

First thing to notice was the solid feel of this classic-style razor, thanks to its chromed Zinc alloy construction (available in White Chrome, Gunmetal & Brushed finishes) and its knurled grip. Designed to adjust to anyone’s skin type & facial hair, the Chrome Series come with 3 swappable plates, letting you to customize the angle at which the blade shaves.

For me, setting 3 (out of 6 available) worked best, providing the smoothest, most comfortable shave I ever got, hands down.  I was so impressed, I decided (using the same #3 plate) to take it one step further and completely shave my head!  Again, clean results with no irritation.  After one week of shaving with the 6C, I am completely sold! And if you add in the fact that these razors work with any 10 cent, double-edge blade on the market, it’s clear why Rockwell keeps gaining so many fans!