Grillo Portable Barbecue 4 - Copy
The principle of form & function is perfectly reflected in the Grillo ($TBA) – a portable barbecue grill that besides being light and packable, it offers a substantial cooking height & safe structure.

Designed to completely fold up like an umbrella in a single movement, for ultra-fast setup and wrap-up, the grill stands on a sturdy tripod footing that holds a flower-petal cooking surface.  In between, there’s a flexible stainless-steel mesh bed – called the “Fire-Hammock”- keeping the burning wood, charcoal, or any kind of solid fuel.  This breathable hammock allows for the fire to be ignited from underneath and delivers “a strong heat in a short amount of time.”  When you’re done BBQing, the grill is easy to clean: just fold it, dip it in water and scrub with a brush.

Grillo Portable Barbecue

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