Breed Retreat Chicken Coop 4

Eggs can’t get any fresher than the ones you collect yourself from your backyard chickens.  So, if we convinced you already and you consider raising these delicious little birds, you might as well do it in style with the Breed Retreat Chicken Coop ($5,200+).  Or you can build yourself an identical one, for less money.  Just saying …

Available in two sizes, this “architectural hen house” is constructed of wood that’s been treated with a weather-proof coating, and it features multiple levels with access windows, so you can grab the eggs without effort (insert joke here).  The coop can also be used for other animals as a luxury retreat, if you so decide.

Breed Retreat Chicken Coop 3

Breed Retreat Chicken Coop 1

Breed Retreat Chicken Coop 5