Review: Flaviar Whiskey Tasting Box

Flaviar's Whiskey Tasting Box
Whiskey occupies a special place in our hearts, so when when Flaviar offered to send us one of their Tasting Packs ($38), we were overjoyed.  Now, we’re pretty well acquainted with the world of spirits and thought single malts and blends didn’t hold any mysteries to us, but boy these exquisite samples proved us wrong!

In case you didn’t know, Flaviar is a subscription club,where members get to try monthly selections of the best spirits from all over the world.  These hand-picked Whiskies, Rums, Cognacs, Gins, Vodkas, and more, arrive beautifully packaged at your door, in three or five premium flavors of 45 ml (1.52 oz) flasks.  It’s a great idea, as people who wish to try a small batch or top-shelf spirit can do so without spending a lot of money on a full bottle.

Getting back to our experience: The tasting box we received contained 5 samples of whiskies we never heard of (OK we knew one), from 5 different countries: Ireland, India, Scotland, Japan, and Switzerland.  The unique flavors and glorious finishes of these remarkable whiskies took us by surprise and we have to say kudos to the guys!  Really, before you die you have to try the oaky “Amrut” or the extra-smoked “Santis Cask Strenght Peated.”

Flaviar's Whiskey Tasting Box 1

Flaviar's Whiskey Tasting Box 3

Flaviar's Whiskey Tasting Box 4