Alcohol and motoring do not seem like a good combination as driving under the influence is never advisable in any circumstance. However, when applied in a different context, such as this collaboration between The Macallan and Bentley, the result is nothing short of exceptional. We all know some whiskeys have sold for ridiculous prices, but the Horizon is reportedly listed for about $50,000.

We can’t really blame those who splurge on the Horizon as the bottle is a captivating sight to behold. In our previous article, the decanter was described as a “mixed-media” masterpiece. Partnerships like this between Bentley and The Macallan are not the only ones out there. There’s the Aston Martin x Bowmore ARC-52 and ARC-52 Mokume Edition.

Honestly, The Reach — also produced by The Macallan — really blew us away with its artistic presentation. Nevertheless, the Horizon is somewhat similar but with a modern profile. When the single malt was first announced a few years ago, it was flagged as a prototype. Now, the real deal is ready for discerning buyers.

The official product page does not specify the materials used to craft the vessel. If what insiders previously shared remains accurate, we have a combination of glass, copper, aluminum, leather, and wood. Additionally, these were purportedly sourced from vehicle assembly lines, local shops, decommissioned spirit stills, and more.

While most decanters are generally designed to stand upright, the Horizon includes a base to hold it horizontally. As for the whiskey, it touts a dark mahogany hue when viewed directly in the bottle or when poured for serving. The nose is described as that of raisins, sultanas, nutmeg, sweet cinnamon, cloves, fresh leather, dark cherries, polished oak, and plums.

As for the palate, you have cinder toffee, crystalized ginger, dark chocolate, Brazil nuts, oak spice, vanilla, charred pineapple, fudge, and dark treacle. “Master Whisky Maker, Kirsteen Campbell sought to capture the essence of a Bentley motorcar through the creation of a sophisticated and bold single malt whisky that embodies the rich heritage of both brands,” writes The Macallan.

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Images courtesy of The Macallan/Bentley