YOLK Solar Paper

YOLK Solar Paper

An efficient portable solar charger should be part of your gear, anytime you’re on the go. But you also want to keep weight to a minimum. To help you achieve just that, the guys at YOLK have introduced Solar Paper ($90).

Touted as “the world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger”, this thing is 0.15-inch thin and weighs a mere 4 oz, so you can easily carry it around. Its design features a set of folding solar panels held together by strong magnets with silicon connectors. This allows for the addition of extra panels in case you need more power to charge a tablet or a larger gadget. The basic model produces 5 watts- enough to juice up your smartphone in just 2.5 hours  (on a sunny day), which is similar to a wall charger. The device also allows you to charge anything that comes with a USB, including flashlights, cameras, batteries, walkies talkies and more. Waterproof and ultra-portable, YOLK’s Solar Paper arrives at a discounted price on Kickstarter, and is expected to ship in September of 2015.

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