Picnic Time Buccaneer

Picnic Time Buccaneer

With summer in full swing, there’s nothing we enjoy more than being outdoors with friends and family, barbecuing and sipping on a cold brew. And to make things easy the Picnic Time Buccaneer ($130) could be your perfect vacation companion.

Featuring an innovative, patented design, this is an all-in-one tailgating BBQ grill/cooler set, providing all the tools you need for a portable picnic party. It contains an insulated and fully-removable cooler with room for up to 24 soda cans, a charcoal grill with lid, tote, drawstring bag to hold the grill, plus 3 tools: 1 large spatula (with built-in bottle opener, grill scraper, and serrated edge for cutting), 1 pair of tongs, and 1 BBQ fork. The watertight cooler has an interior mesh pocket to hold a large ice pack/gel pack, and it fits snugly inside the tote, allowing you to transport the BBQ and a fully-loaded cooler at the same time. The Picnic Time Buccaneer also comes with padded carry straps for easy transport, lots of pockets, and a stretch cargo cord for your gear.

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