We had the opportunity to test one of the most desired laptops, a winner of multiple awards at this year’s CES, the Dell XPS 13.  As mentioned in a previous post, we took the decision to use ONLY this new ultrabook for an entire week.  So, after a thorough examination, we are now ready to share the results!

The first thing we noticed when unpacking the XPS 13 was its stylish construction, a smooth metal exterior that seems to be very sturdy.  The machine is thin and very lightweight (2.8 lbs), and when you open it, you can appreciate the feature that made it famous: a beautiful 13 inch screen with almost no bezel (they call it “infinity display”).  Combining perfectly with this remarkable screen, there’s a sleek carbon-fiber keyboard deck, with springy lighted keys which we enjoyed typing on.  We also found the trackpad to be very reliable (unlike other previous Windows models), with the pinch&zoom function working flawlessly.

Display-wise, the XPS 13 is a true powerhouse, with an IPS Gorilla Glass screen that boasts stunning bright colors with even contrasts, and wide viewing angles.  And while we were expecting these resolution performances, we found ourselves surprised by the powerful sound this little guy packs -one of the best in its class.

Dell XPS 13 Hands-on Review 1

We put the Dell XPS 13 (QHD+ touch version) through a multitude of tasks- from web browsing to photo editing to HD playback- and there’s only one conclusion to draw: this thing is ultra-fast (the 5th Generation Core Intel processor plays a big part here).  In therms of battery life, we didn’t quite reach the 11 hours mark that Dell claims for the touch screen version.  However we managed to squeeze 8 hours, which is not shabby at all!

Another minor quibble we have is the placement of the camera at the bottom of the screen, which resulted in fingers blocking it when typing during a video call, and unfavorable up-the-nose angles.  But we’re willing to let that go, after all this is the thinnest bezel in the world ever to be used on a laptop!  Bottom line, the XPS 13 is a very powerful machine with amazing graphics, and it’s super-portable.  That ticks all the right boxes for us!

Dell XPS 13 Hands-on Review 2

Dell XPS 13 Hands-on Review 3