Just like avid motoring enthusiasts, cyclists also love to tinker around with their road bikes and MTBs. It can range from parts replacements, adjustments to specific components, and fine-tuning previous setups. Once the checklist is complete, all that’s needed is to take it out for a spin to see how well it performs. If for some reason it’s not possible, hook it up to Zwift Hub One instead.

We know people who are into cycling and have turned a hobby into a dedicated workout. Weekends and time off work have already been planned out in advance for solo or group rides. In fact, most have turned to their bikes as their sustainable daily commute to work and back. Meanwhile, Zwift is here to help you train or stay in shape indoors.

Cycling equipment like the Hub One can be found in more homes due to the constraints brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the height of government-issued lockdowns, people sought innovative ways to replicate the experience. Given the huge demand for a fully immersive platform, we now have smart trainers like this bad boy.

The package includes everything you need to get started and push beyond your limits. In the box is the Zwift Hub body with training legs, Zwift Cog preinstalled, Zwift Click, power supply with international plugs, quick-release thru axle adapters, quick-release skewer, and tools. Just remove the rear wheel of your bike and connect it to the Hub One.

You’re also getting a one-year all-access Zwift membership worth $150. Enjoy group rides, structured training plans, interval workouts, and so much more. Surprise your friends with your progress during real-world rides and participate in races to see how you stack up against the competition. The Hub One would also make an ideal gift for fellow cycling enthusiasts and like-minded loved ones.

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Images courtesy of Zwift