Amsterdam-based architectural office zU-studio designed Project N2, a residential property on a hill overlooking the Santa Teresa beach in Costa Rica, as a bird in flight. The roof is artistic in its representation, as it looks like a bird with wings spread wide as it soars over the hill.

Costa Rica is a tourist destination especially for bird enthusiasts as it offers a diverse array of bird species. The country has over 80 varieties of birds soaring through its skies. As such, this private residence was designed to embody its connection with nature and drew structural inspiration from a local bird flying over the sea.

Thus, Project N2 has overlapping platforms that when viewed from above, look like the wings of a bird. The roof is made from a lightweight framework and placed at varying heights to allow the flow of natural light through the gaps and for cross-ventilation. Some of the platforms extend and serve as terraces that overlook the surrounding greenery.

Likewise, zU-studio designed this three-story building in a circular form to maximize natural views. The house sits at a height of seven meters at its central point and gently slopes downward on its sides to integrate with the natural terrain, which is filled with verdant flowers. 

The studio then arranged both private and communal spaces on the ground floor. On this level, Project N2 hosts a connected living space, a central courtyard, and a kitchen. Adding versatility to the space is the atelier at the rear of the structure. Three private bedrooms offer amazing sea views, and an open semi-circular terrace platform hosts a pool and direct access to various areas on the ground floor. Meanwhile, the master bedrooms each with terraces that connect to the roof platforms are on the first floor.

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Images courtesy of zU-studio