A simple bandage just doesn’t do justice in closing scrapes or cuts that you could get while venturing the great outdoors. A trip to the E.R. might be necessary. The ZipStitch, on the other hand, saves you a trip to the hospital.

ZipLine Medical vouches by the effectiveness of its product in closing wounds in a safe, non-invasive way. The ZipStitch treats minor cuts and minor lacerations with hospital-grade technology and without the need for needles or staples poking through your skin.

This intuitive skin closure device is reversible and adjustable. It provides closure to lacerations an eighth of an inch in width and up to 1.5 inches long. It promises rapid and effective wound closure in seconds, better than sutures.

Moreover, it provides eight times better wound protection even during joint flexion. This allows you to continue with your activity without having to worry about your wound or a visit to the E.R. It’s your personal care kit when in the outdoors.

Compared to stitches, the ZipStitch also minimizes scarring and does away with the pain that usually comes with removing sutures or staples. It’s been proven effective with foot and ankle surgery and cardiothoracic surgery, to name a few.

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Photos Courtesy of ZipLine Medical