It looks like the car industry might be due for a surge in hypercar launches in the coming years. Although supercars are not about to go away anytime soon, the elite are now demanding ridiculous performance numbers from their rides. We are also thrilled to see what manufacturers can come up with, just like Aurora from Zenvo Automotive.

We know some of you will argue that leading aftermarket tuners can also kit out vehicles to boost their capabilities. However, there’s a certain appeal when machines roll out of the factory with all the bells and whistles you come to expect from platforms of their caliber. As such, the Danish marque plans to offer its hypercar in two trim packages.

Starting with the Aurora Agil, this version may be considered entry-level by hypercar standards. It’s outfitted with a 6.6-liter quad-turbocharged V12 good for a staggering 1,450-horsepower rear-wheel-drive setup. What it somewhat lacks in output (by thrill seeker standards) is made up for in weight savings.

Zenvo also points out the stark contrast in aerodynamics as the former is designed for the tracks with its more aggressive outline. Meanwhile, the Aurora Tur is the grand touring option for folks who want to travel in style. It won’t fail to draw attention wherever you go and it’s exactly how owners want it.

Although it’s likewise packing the same powerplant, the triple electric motors are endowing it with a 1,850-horsepower all-wheel-drive system. As noted by the product page, the Aurora’s engine is “developed by MAHLE Powertrain.” As for its carbon monocoque, Zenvo calls it the modular ZM1.

Chief Designer Christian Brandt stated, “The chassis and the components of Aurora are all works of art, and we made a very definite decision that we did not want to hide these details away under a monolithic design. It is like a complex timepiece or the skeletal architecture of a motorcycle, where the inner workings are the fascinating part, and we wanted to showcase as much of the chassis, the engine, and the suspension as we could.”

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Images courtesy of Zenvo Automotive