Putting together a good outdoor kitchen can be expensive by the time you add a grill, smoker, roaster, and other specialized cooking equipment. Z Grills has just developed what may be the best solution for this problem with their new 7-in-1 Elite 900 Wood Pellet Grill ($359).

This bad boy can be adjusted to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, or barbecue with confidence due to the Elite 900’s unique digital temperature control.

Rather than using gas or charcoal, the Elite 900 has a specially designed auger that draws wooden pellets from the hopper on the side and into the burning chamber. From there you can set your desired temperature from between 180-450 degrees Fahrenheit, while the convection distribution assures even cooking heat throughout. The pellets are available in a variety of choices including pecan, hickory, apple, or mesquite for smoking perfection.

The rugged stainless steel construction allows the grill to come with a 3-year warranty. Weighing in at 90 lbs, and boasting a cooking surface of 456 sq in and a warming rack of 129 sq in, the Elite 900 can handle just about anything your outdoor feast requires.