Are you a hardcore James Bond fan? Well, dreams can come true for you. Since you’re a diehard Bond fanatic, chances are you’ve followed his luxuries closely. This is just one among many. This yacht, from one of the series’ most iconic entries, Casino Royale, has become open to the public. And you can totally rent it.

The Casino Royale Yacht is of course as opulent as you’d expect it to be. It features a gorgeously crafted hull, plus sweeping windows that snake around the vessel, and to top it all off, it comes in this arresting Navy Blue finish that complements the ocean’s depths perfectly.

Now, for the technical stuff. We’re talking 16-cylinder MTU V16 2000 engines. Three of them, more specifically. They come outfitted with Arneson, too, helping the boat reach speeds of up to 45 knots. But you’re not renting this yacht for its performance, are you. Npo, of course not. Inside is where it’s really at.

Indeed, you’ll find all the good stuff tucked inside, highlights of which include an open-plan salon, a regal interior palette complete with luxurious woods, marble, and many other touches that scream rich. You’ll also find an entourage of lounges, an alfresco dining area, and four cabins that are just as luxurious as the yacht itself.

Okay, about the price. This is going to set you $73,000. A week. That price includes accessing the many amenities Casino Royale Yacht has that’ll please your friends, including a Sea-Doo, stand-up paddleboards, water skis, and many more.


Photos courtesy of C&N