How do you stand out in the saturated market of mobile phones? It seems the creators of YotaPhone 2 ($870,00) have found the answer. The world’s first Android phone with two screens, YotaPhone 2 combines the features of a regular smartphone with the benefits of electronic paper display (the same technology used on e-readers like Kindle).

This smartphone boasts a fully-customizable, always-on 4.7-inch back screen that provides constant access to key information, without having to unlock your phone. The e-ink display is easy on the eyesight, readable even in bright sunshine, and it can be used to read any kind of text, including blogs, news, RSS-feeds, Facebook, and more. As for battery life, the YotaPhone 2 can run for up to 5 days of reading and 2 days of basic smartphone functions, on a single charge. via