Not everyone loves to clean at home. Unless you live with someone else who does, there’s no other choice but to pick up a broom, mop, vacuum, and get to it. Thankfully, there’s a cool and convenient alternative available – robot vacuums. With so many brands available to choose from, we’re here to help you pick out some of the best out there. Consider the Vac Station from Yeedi and let technology simplify everything in your dwelling or office.

What’s In The Box?

• Yeedi Vac Station
• Yeedi vacuum unit with a built-in water reservoir
• Charging base and ramp
• Mopping attachment and microfiber pad
• An instruction booklet
• 1 spare sweeper brush
• 2 dust canister bags
• Power cord

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Yeedi Vac Station on Yeedi Store

Why The Yeedi Vac Station?

Straight out of the box, once the whole unit is assembled, it was nice to see that the size is comparable to competitors. In fact, the size of this unit matches that of a Roomba. Actually, some manufacturers may be the leading name in the industry, but many are inaccessible due to pricing. Sure, they may claim to pack all the class-leading features but neglect other aspects that make the Vac Station stand out.

The Yeedi Vac Station is, first and foremost, a robot vacuum. It sports up to 3000Pa suction, floor type detection, visual SLAM mapping, a whopping 200-minute run time, and the newest addition: the Automatic Empty station.

As a mop, Yeedi brings a microfiber mop head and attachment with an onboard water reservoir. This model also comes with an “Intelligent Wet Mop Safety System” that triggers the on/off sensor, which is sure to keep your carpets and rugs in great condition.

As such, Yeedi equips the robot vacuum with an all-in-one system to efficiently keep spaces clean for longer periods of time. Not only does it suck up dust, dirt, and other contaminants, but this handy gadget also mops the surfaces. Basically, it takes care of everything, while you get to do more important tasks worry-free.

Those who are still going about it the traditional way should know that sweeping can just cause smaller particles to float up and settle in another area. Residences that keep pets require more maintenance to keep the floors free from dander, fur, and other messes they might make.

Households that have kids will likewise appreciate the convenience it brings to the table. Therefore, what you want is a versatile cleaning tool like the Vac Station. Enjoy the peace of mind that an automated helper is ready for the upkeep of your rooms.

Interesting Details About The Vac Station

Although Yeedi sells a standalone SKU – the Vac Max, we recommend that you go for the complete package instead. Interested parties can purchase the Vac Station from any of the company’s sales channels. It then ships out with everything needed to get started right away which is great. Inside the box, you have the robot vacuum, accessories, documentation, and the charging dock/self-emptying station.

The automated puck measures 13.77” x 13.77” x 3.03” while the add-on is at 11.81” x 16.54” x 16.93” respectively. First off, let’s talk about the crucial cog in the equation here. This sleek workhorse sweeps, vacuums, and mops your floors all in one go. It boasts an outstanding 3,000 Pa suction power followed by a mopping unit that supports up to three water levels.

Yeedi claims the Vac Max only needs a single pass to thoroughly leave the surface spotless. The dustbin capacity is about 420 ml while the water tank holds about 240 ml. It is equipped with a camera and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) system to help it map out the spaces and plot its route. This ensures that no spot is left unattended.

It provides you with a visual layout of your home’s floor plan via the companion app. You can then assign which areas are off-limits or set it to deep clean certain spots which tend to get dirtier than the rest. You have full control over the Vac Station to set schedules and more.

Furthermore, owners can go hands-free and command Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to activate it. After it sweeps and sucks up dust, dirt, and other particles, it mops the location to remove stains. Sensors on board also detect when it travels over carpets. It then automatically raises the mop and dials up the suction power to dislodge particles caught between the fibers.

It runs on a 5,200 mAh battery which is enough for 3.33 hours of continuous cleaning. No need to manually charge this bad boy as it automatically returns to its dock to recharge. The Vac Station comes with a 1.5-liter dust bag, which is more than enough for up to a month’s worth of daily cleaning.

Our Takeaway

Modern technology is now making our lives easier as most homes are now engineered for smart devices like the Vac Station. What Yeedi offers is a high-tech cleaning machine that is perfect for people who barely have time to clean due to work or other activities. The fact that you don’t need to empty the dust bin regularly is something we wish all robot vacuums ship with. Don’t hesitate to grab this awesome gadget now!

Save $155 by using the code: VACSTATION on Amazon

Yeedi Vac Station on Amazon just $349.99 after code: VACSTATION

Yeedi Vac Station On Walmart

Yeedi Vac Station on Yeedi Store