Apart from its motorcycles, Yamaha is also a big name in musical instruments. Moreover, it also supplies audiophiles with premium listening hardware such as headphones. Its latest pair of cans – the YH-5000SE – is one of the best you can grab for top-notch acoustic enjoyment. The new model promises all-day comfort and exceptional build quality.

Since weight is a major factor when it comes to headphones, many manufacturers opt for plastics and other similar materials. For the YH-5000SE, Yamaha opts for magnesium which touts an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. In fact, it is “lightweight and has outstanding rigidity” — a desirable attribute users look for.

Meanwhile, the sizeable housing holds the Yamaha Orthodynamic driver for remarkably responsive performance and sound accuracy. Slip these on, sit on your favorite chair, and lose yourself in immersive aural bliss. The two-layer headband fo the YH-5000SE features a slider with a smooth mechanism to achieve the perfect fit. Each cup swivels to ensure adaptability to various head shapes and sizes.

Yamaha goes even beyond what the competition offers with the inclusion of leather and suede earpads. Furthermore, in the YH-5000SE box are two silver-coated OFC cables: 3.5 mm (3-pole plug) and 4.4 mm (five-pole plug). Even when not in use, the aluminum headphone stand is there to showcase its beauty.

“Our flagship YH-5000SE headphones combine advanced technologies to create the highest quality realism in music. With the latest technologies, the historic Orthodynamic® driver was reimagined, and the finest materials and craftsmanship are utilized to deliver the pure essence of sound that Yamaha stands for,” reads the product page.

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YH-5000SE Headband YH-5000SE Bottom YH-5000SE Housing

Images courtesy of Yamaha