In a little over a week, the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show will finally open its doors to the world’s media. We bet there are going to be a lot of cool surprises in store for the automotive industry given the scale of this event. Instead of leaving everyone speculated, companies like Yamaha are hyping things up with a preview of the Tricera and hydrogen-powered side-by-side.

If you’ve seen your fair share of slingshots, this three-wheeler shouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Given the company also manufactures motorcycles, this shouldn’t pose a challenge to their engineers. Judging by the open cockpit setup, the Tricera is poised to deliver an unbridled motoring experience to those who prefer theirs with a serving of adrenaline rush on the side.

As the emission-free deadline set by the majority of carmakers draws ever closer, we can safely say that most of the announcements at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show will involve electric powertrains. In a bid to eventually match the performance provided by internal combustion engines, innovations in green technology continue to push the envelope.

Yamaha is likely holding off key details until the official unveiling, but the overall design of the Tricera is hinting at more awesome things to come. However, what we do know is its rear-wheel steering system. This allows the EV to make the tightest of turns and provide exceptional maneuverability. Depending on the scenario, drivers can also manually control the rear wheel to make accurate adjustments when parking or driving.

“Modern mobility is shifting toward automated driving, but that is precisely why Yamaha Motor is going back to basics,” stated the Japanese group. The Tricera is not the only item on the agenda as their team has replaced the 110-horsepower 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine of their YXZ100R with a hydrogen fuel system. Their goal is to incorporate elements such as the sound and feel of traditional powertrains, but none of the environmental impacts. We can’t wait to learn more about these in the coming week.

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Images courtesy of Yamaha